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Danny Cochran

Danny Cochran

Senior Wealth and Tax Advisor

Danny opened his CPA practice in 1982. In 2020 he took a step back and sold his practice to Melinda (daughter) and Kevin (son in law) Bell after mentoring both for several years in tax and financial planning. He continues to work with his investment clients and helps with tax returns during peak tax season.

Danny became a registered financial advisor in 1989. He describes comprehensive financial planning as helping clients create the most bulletproof financial life possible as they define and pursue their personal financial intention.

Danny sums up his purpose, as “I believe the Lord has placed us on earth to make this a better place. Advising clients on ways to live and retire with financial confidence is how I contribute to making this a better place for them. This is what I love to do.”

Some of his thoughts regarding the building of financial and tax strategy for clients have included:

  • The question most asked by clients is, “Can I retire yet and make it ok?” Some of my best professional days are when I can give them a confident answer because of the planning we did.
  • It is worthwhile to help preserve a client’s wealth, transfer that wealth to desired beneficiaries, (family or others) and see my clients name recognized for years to come.
  • Finding the best tax outcome possible for clients is an integral focus in all areas of each client’s personal and professional financial life. While tax advice might appear to be routine, when clients have concerns or a lack of knowledge about tax implications, even fundamental issues create unnecessary stress. Removing that stress for my clients is a big reward for me.

Danny is a graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma. Colleagues have recognized him as a top advisor with Avantax Investment Servicessm nine times since becoming a registered representative. Danny has been a Chapter Director for Avantax since 2001. In this role, he provides field training for Avantax representatives in Oklahoma. He is recognized as having more representatives attend his meetings than any other chapters in the nation. Additionally, Danny is an Avantax Mentor and currently works with protégé, in Kansas and Connecticut.