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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of clients do you work with?

We work with families and business owners in all stages of their lives. That is why we have a team capable of evaluating, advising and executing everything from a tax return, business consulting, accounting, investments and retirement planning. It also means our clients have clear insight regarding what they want to accomplish, a plan to follow, and our commitment to provide an ongoing multilevel scope of financial expertise.

What does financial planning really mean?

We approach financial stability a little differently than most advisors you may be familiar with. There are 8 Tax Smart Financial Issues that are most important to clients and their families. Each issue is viewed as being interrelated and, in fact, acting like a balancing scale. Adjustments to one issue, can affect the others. Not all issues will pertain to every client at every stage of life but it is essential to never lose sight of their importance. Appropriate advice and recommendations require Advisors knowledgeable and capable of evaluating each client’s complete yet unique financial picture.

What sets you apart ?

Clients have shared: Nobody has ever provided them with such a transparent picture of financial life, or told them so clearly what to expect or avoid. They appreciate knowing where they stand regarding their tax situation and having a solid plan in place today and into retirement. They don’t have to guess if their tax situation and financial plan cohesively work for their benefit between multiple advisors. Everything can be shared and accomplished in house.

Is there something you specialize in in the practice?

It is a cumulative process- but Retirement Income Stream is a main focus. No matter what time of life we begin working with clients it is our privilege to help them not only reach retirement, but live it fully, with the financial resources and confidence they need.